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Community Bench

Community Benches are in publicly-accessible places where anyone can sit. 

Community Benches appear on The Bench Project website so everyone can locate them. They foster connections among strangers through the shared experience of simply sitting, observing and reflecting in a Bench Project journal. Members of The Bench Project network use the website to find a bench near them and plan a visit.  

Community benches belong in places like parks and hiking trails. They bring joy to campus common areas. They offer quiet rest and reflection in cemeteries and hospital courtyards.

Family Bench

Family Benches are just for you and your loved ones. 

Family Benches are part of The Bench Project network, but they do not appear on the public map. Family Benches give loved ones a new way to bond through the shared experience of sitting on a bench, and curating their thoughts in a shared journal. 

A Family Bench belongs in the grandparents’ backyard garden, where everyone gathers for holidays and birthdays. Families who live far apart use their bench’s virtual journal to connect. They offer the young family a sanctuary after busy days.

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