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Get Outside
to Go Inside


The Bench Project inspires and nurtures the human spirit by enabling connection through a shared experience, one bench at a time. Whether it's a physical book and bag at your backyard bench or a virtual bench journal on our website, people all around the world can experience bench moments together. By sharing your story with our community, you'll lighten your load, find gratitude, and inspire the next person who sits on the bench.

How it Works

Sit Down.
Open the Bag & Book.

Be Open.

Find the Joy.

the Moment.

Create a Space

Whether you are buying a bench for your backyard, donating one to your community, or adding a bench to our network by purchasing The Connection Bundle, learn more about and purchase our thoughtfully-created products below.

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Find a Bench

We’re creating a global network of benches. Find the one closest to you.

Latest Reflections

  • Through my years of journaling, I have always ended each entry with a statement of gratitude. Even when writing about hard things, sad things or things that made me angry, finding something in the situation that I could be thankful

  • At The Bench Project we are all about Sharing your Story. It is the heart of connection not only to yourself, but to the collective. Journaling is a way to record your experiences, thoughts and feelings.  Keeping a journal can be a

  • Welcome back to Benches in the Wild - Where we highlight some of the awesome benches out in the world! Let's pick up where we left off in Ouray, CO. As we traveled through the mountain towns, we were constantly looking

  • I want to start a space where we can highlight some awesome benches out in the world that you can connect with The Bench Project through! I like to call them Benches in the ~Wild~ because they can be anywhere

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