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The Wedding Bundle


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What is a Wedding Bundle?

Take your wedding guest book to the next level with The Bench Project. The Wedding Bundle combines the convenience of a private virtual journal where guests can share messages, photos and videos, with the serenity of a bench where they can pause to reflect before writing their messages. A Wedding Bench tells everyone who sits there, “the story of us includes you.”

Each Wedding Bundle includes:

  • A Bench Tag that is linked to a private virtual journal via a QR code.
  • Your choice of a Backyard Bench or a Love Loveseat.
  • A variety of signage options, in different sizes, you can print that explains how to use the QR code to write messages.


Forever Yours

After the ceremony, this bench is forever yours. The Backyard Bench or Love Loveseat you pick becomes a long-lasting wedding keepsake — one that can carry the magic of your special day from your first home to your retirement home. Move your bench to the backyard and transform it from a wedding day feature into a Family Bench.

Family Benches are part of The Bench Project network, but they do not appear on our public map. Family Benches give loved ones a new way to bond through the shared experience of sitting on a bench, and curating their thoughts in a shared journal.


Our Instructions — Your Style

We’ve created special printouts to help your guests understand the Wedding Bench and QR code. Simple, direct instructions that can be printed in the following sizes:

  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 14
  • 18 x 24

Put the sign in a frame or mount it on an easel to fit your wedding’s aesthetic.


Why Choose a Wedding Bundle?

Next-Level Guest Book

Break the mold of the stodgy guest book. Give your guests a unique and experiential way to leave messages and well-wishes behind on your most special day. Place your bench in a convenient spot where everyone can visit after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour or when they need a break from the dance floor during the reception.

At the bench, guests can scan the QR code and add to your wedding’s virtual journal — no app or account required. There, they can upload photos and videos from your special day or other important moments. They can also write traditional guest book messages or post videos of themselves sharing advice or good vibes.

After the wedding whirlwind, you’ll have all their memories and messages in one place, preserved forever.


Skip the Photo Booth

Replace the silly hats and tuxedo-clad attendant of the old photo booth with a more elegant option. Instead, our cast-iron bench complements your upscale affair. Your guests can take their own photos and upload them straight to your private, virtual journal.



To ensure your bench is ready for showtime, we recommend ordering the Wedding Bundle 6 months in advance of your nuptials. You can also reach out to beth@thebenchproject.net to check availability.



  • Love Loveseat option = $695
  • Backyard Bench option = $755


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