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The Connection Bundle


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What is a Connection Bundle?

Our Connection Bundle contains everything you need to create your own Bench Project space. With this option, you’ll be able to interact with The Bench Project by putting pen to paper at the physical bench and sharing your story in the online journal.

Each Connection Bundle includes:

  • weatherproof bag
  • journal
  • 2 eco-friendly pens
  • eco-friendly colored pencils in a tube
  • 2 stickers
  • registration card
  • designated listing on our map (if the Community Bench option is selected)
  • numbered Bench Project weather-resistant aluminum tag with a unique QR code
  • personalized web page for your bench that includes a virtual journal

Why Do I Want a Connection Bundle?

Whether you are setting up a Community or Family Bench, you are going to want both the journal and bag and the Bench Tag. With our Connection Bundle, visitors will be able to interact with your bench through a physical journal and connect with the Bench Project community online.

Sometimes, visitors may want to step away from technology, take in the beautiful surroundings and put pen to paper the old-school way. A physical journal is also the perfect canvas for kids or artists to engage with the space by leaving a drawing for the next person who sits at the bench.

Other times, sharing your story virtually may be more appealing. On the virtual journal, visitors can share photos and videos alongside their words. The Bench Tag preserves these messages for generations to come.

Registering Your Connection Bundle

Once you receive your Connection Bundle, you’ll need to register it. Each Connection Bundle contains a registration card labeled with your bundle’s unique Bench ID Number. Head to www.thebenchproject.net/add and follow the instructions on the card.

During the registration process, you’ll be able to name your bench, add a description and images and decide if you’d like your bench to be a public Community Bench or a private Family Bench.

Only Community Benches appear on the map. If you’d like to set up your space on public or privately-owned property, make sure you seek permission first.

Family Benches are kept private. Set up a space like this in your backyard, on your porch or in your house. Only the people you share your link with or those who scan the QR code on your Bench Tag will have access to your bench’s online profile.

Placing Your Connection Bundle

After registering your Connection Bundle, you are ready to set up your Bench Project space. Place your bag and journal in a location where you can check on it. Using the included hardware, attach the Bench Tag with the wire loop or permanently fix it to your bench with screws.

If you are leaving a Connection Bundle in a location you won’t return to for a while, join our Facebook Group Bench Keepers. You can connect with our community and ask others to check in on your bench from time to time.

Before you leave your physical journal and tag, write the first entry in the physical journal and a description in the virtual journal. Here, you can explain why you placed the journal here, if you dedicated this in memory of someone or just share some ideas to help others get started with their own entries.

What Happens When My Journal Fills Up?

We love to see filled journals! If your physical journal fills up, that means you have inspired countless connections between strangers, friends or family members.

When your journal fills up, you have two options: you can keep the journal or you can return the filled journal to us. If you choose to return the filled journal, we will send you a gift as an added bonus! Contact support@thebenchproject.net to coordinate your return.

New journals can be purchased in the shop here.


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