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The Bench Project Press Kit

Press Contact: Beth Romanowski, 570-574-0145, beth@thebenchproject.net

What is The Bench Project?

The Bench Project provides a place to reflect and connect. It’s a place to Get Outside to Go Inside! Anyone who encounters a bench that’s linked to The Bench Project network can engage in a few different ways.

  1. A unique digital journal connected to that spot. A QR code on each bench tag links to that bench’s profile on the Bench Directory where anyone can share words, photos and videos from that spot.
  2. A physical journal kept inside a weatherproof bag. Think of this like a guest book for the bench, one that anyone can read or add to.
  3. Both! Some Bench Project benches may have both a physical journal and a bench tag that links to that bench’s unique digital profile.

The Bench Project’s Mission and Story

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit by creating a connection through a shared experience, one bench at a time.

The Bench Project was founded by Beth Romanowski on her family’s farm in Shavertown, Pennsylvania. It began with 20 benches as a celebration of 20 years of marriage to her husband Lenny. The benches have their own character with inspiring surroundings that welcome contemplation and reflection. She placed a weatherproof bag with a journal and writing tools at each one. From those first 20 benches grew The Bench Project. 

Now people everywhere are starting their own benches and linking them to the growing network. There are benches in public parks, in front of coffee shops and on college campuses.

Images and Videos

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Meet the Team

Beth Romanowski


Beth is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about self discovery. She lives in Shavertown, Pennsylvania with her husband Lenny. They have three children, Mark, Eric and Lily. They have three grandchildren as well.

Lily Romanowski

Creative Director + Head of Community

Lily is an avid traveler, creative and podcaster. She currently lives in Santa Fe, NM.


Beth Romanowski

“My hope is that through The Bench Project we gain connection and a return to something simple.”  – Beth Romanowski

“That’s really what it’s all about: connecting, reflecting and being part of a shared experience. By sharing your story and your words with our community, you’ll lighten your load, you’ll connect to gratitude and you’ll inspire the next person that sits on that very same bench.” – Beth Romanowski 

Lily Romanowski

“By sharing your story at a bench, whether it’s a quick photo or a story of something that you saw while sitting here yourself, you don’t know the connection that you might have with someone who comes and sits here after you.” – Lily Romanowski

“My mama spent her whole life supporting each and every one of my wild (sometimes crazy) dreams. I’m now thrilled to be able to return all that love right back and support hers.” – Lily Romanowski

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