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Benches and Connection

Benches and connections may seem unrelated at first, but they can actually be connected in a few different ways. 

Firstly, benches are often found in public spaces like parks, where people can gather and connect with each other. They provide a physical space for people to sit and engage in conversations, fostering social connections. 

Secondly, benches can also be seen as a metaphorical representation of connections. Just like how a bench provides support and comfort for someone to sit on, connections provide support and comfort in our lives. They can be with friends, family, or even with virtual communities online, like The Bench Project. 

Lastly, benches themselves can be connected to each other to create longer seating areas. This highlights the idea that connections can be built upon and expanded, just like how benches can be joined together to accommodate more people. 

So, while benches and connections may not be directly related, they do share some interesting parallels that can be explored.

Come sit with us and get outside to go inside. 

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